Craigslist sex bust Florida

Say they placed an ad on craigslist posing as a stepmother willing to turn out her year-old stepdaughter for sex on craigslist.

Clearwater Police arrested and charged six women with prostitution after using the Internet including sites like Craigslist to pose as "Johns."

How many people do you think they would arrest? He has continued to carry out not only child predator stings through craigslist but also many sex trafficking stings as well using craigslist and Back. Of course among the 38 arrestees, we have the obligatory grade school teacher.

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During the sting, sheriffs arrested year-old Matthew Chillcott, a 5th-grade teacher from Orlando. Hitting the stereotype daily double they also arrested a registered sex offender in year-old Wilson Silva of Brooksville, Florida.

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Silva has been on the registry since Now think about this. I still see craigslist for the unmoderated cesspool of pedophiles that it is. Will it have to take version of Julissa Brisman before craigslist is held responsible once again?


I hope to hell not. Luna was said to have gotten on a plane to come to Florida in order to meet what he thought was going to be a mother and her year-old daughter.

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I have to say, I find it utterly bizarre how you post an example of how to use things like craigslist to improve the safety of children to then rant on abouthow craigslist is a cesspool for allowing personal even after they stop allowing personal. The only thing wrong with them was they backed down in the face of self serving knucklehe and dropped the section which as your post points out was capable of being used and was being used to catch child predators.

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Since we stopped ignoring it, things have begun to improve. Like Like. Once the nice public monitorable places go, especially from those sites who would actually be willing to work with law enforcement agencies, like craigslist would and did do, then the effect on vulnerable and abused children and others is not just neutral it becomes the opposite of helpful, and that really is harmful. The almighty dollar is what matters to them. posts on this blog about craigslist.

Craigslist sex bust Florida

Craigslist went to some lengths to work with authorities, saying it is otherwise is simply false. The farther they are driven underground the less often these crimes happen. Take that avenue away from them and there will be less victims.

It takes particular idiocy to make the claim you make.

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I note you make it without evidence. So from this, you can be assured, that we are definitively aware that your carrying on is about your own ego mixed with pigheaded ignorance and a determination to ignore reality and absolutely nothing to do with actually aiding in the prevention of child abuse and the sexual abuse of other vulnerable groups.

You will no doubt carry on, wrapping yourself in the mantle of righteousness while the causes you fight for do more harm to children than those you condemn. Just so long as you are happy eh?

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Trench has cared and done more for children than many people I know. Feel good attacking a caring man? You sound like the pedophiles I report.

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FYI: nothing you say will change my opinion. These operations are nothing less than entrapment in many cases these officers are posing as female adults luring these men with promises of sex with the ADULT. Contact Jane Velez Mitchell and tell her to do a segment on the other side of this story. Do no just listen to these cops side their is another side to these stories in many cases!!

Sluts in Florida, USA

Here is a quote I heard today that put this into perspective: its Just like a hungry vegan that goes to a steakhouse for dinner. Its makes no sense. This is why paeople are calling these stings entrapment. Predators are going to go to soft targets such as facebook, twitter etc to pick up. The only people you are catching in the already sexually charged adult craigslist site are men that have no background or predisposition to commit this crime. To catch the right people police either need to move the stings to more appropriate online venues or just stop creating crime in the first place.

Or how about the guy who called a handyman that was posting an ad on craigslist and out of the blue offered him money to have sex with his .

Predators are going to adult websites to talk to other adults who are selling children. Nobody has sex with out of nowhere. How about the information you never hear about…let me check my stats, hmmm CyberChild, lets see……. It is like this in just about every single operation and there are some that have even more dismissals. For those of you doesnt know this whole sting is just a money making machine for florida police deparments, they are not to cacth real predator, if they really want to catch the real predator they will be on teen sites like facebook, and all those that exits out there.

Craiglist erotic section is for man and woman over 18 looking to hook up.

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I dont expect to find an underage there. Anyway what they do is post and ad as a woman and on the ad they dont mention anything about their real intentions. Then after you reply back to talk to a woman then afterbthe conversation get on the sex topic they tell u they are 14 or 15 a horny teen not like they want a public to believe and start enticing you to come over to her place and to provoke your mind, then eventhough u learned the age and say not im not interesting inntalking to you they keep pushing and trying to convince you that there is nothing wrong wigh it.

Now do u call that cathing a predator or creating a crime for you to be weak and fell for it? What that says?

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They re entraping innocent citizen. Be stupid or moral indecent dont make you a criminal or a predator and that is what really happening wake up florida!! It can be your family. You guys sound like predators or johns who got busted. I wish I could introduce you to the guy who thinks all Florid molesters are illegal aliens brought in by the Zionist Jews at Disney.

All of you together would be a laugh riot. Were you victimized as an altar boy or something? If you hate pedophiles you must have been molested. Something a predator would do. Of course that is what i would expect from a Trashy Trench narrow minded fool who thinks law enforcement can do whatever the hell they want. As far as the flawless logic, that is just your mind failing you once again.

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Take the time to educate yourself before you start flappin at the mouth and spreading your hate propaganda. Here, this article on Florida Sting Operations Explained might help! Hey Trenchy, let me ask you something…. When I was molested, it was the school janitor, not a friend or family member. These guys like to network these days, and kids get passed from one to another, sometimes through Craigslist and other sites like it. If that is the case, the few are certainly getting around a lot.

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You are getting boringly repetitive. We are not presently discussing that sort of abuse. We are talking about the kind of abuse that happens through Craigslist.

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Are you able to focus? I am of the opinion that abuse of children should be attacked wherever and whenever it occurs.

Trench has already attempted to explain to you that pedophiles not only recruit victims everywhere they find them, but they use Craigslist to network and even to pass victims around. IMO, if a man answers an ad for sex with a minor, he deserves whatever punishment he gets. Tell me, are you a pedo yourself, or just acquainted with one or more?

Ronni who told you the police put on cl as minor looking for sex??

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That what they tell the press but is nothing like that believe me. What they do is put an ad on the sex section about a woman looking to talk or meet someone and that it. When you reply the add they start talking to you like a woman and after they start getting into the sex talk they tell u oh you know what im 15 or 16 and im very horny come over.

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