Craigslist Sioux Falls woman for sex

Dogs Cats Other. Special Needs.

Senior Pets. Bonded Buddies. Home with Land.

Personals in South Dakota

Fence Required. Owner Home During Day. Owner Surrender. Transfer From Other Shelter.

Born In Care. Low Maintenance. Average Maintenance.

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High Maintenance. Good for First-Time Owner. Good for Experienced Owner.

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Breed Knowledge Preferred. Breed Experience Required. Socialization Knowledge Preferred.

Personals in South Dakota

Species Knowledge Preferred. Species Experience Required. New to Leashes. Still Learning. Occasional Pulling. Great Walking Companion. Harness Suggested. Gentle Leader Suggested. Front Clip Harness Suggested.

Craigslist Sioux Falls woman for sex

Couch Potato. Frequent Napper. Window Watcher. Party Animal.

Personals in South Dakota

New to Training. Eager to Learn. Basic Skills Known. High Achiever. Low Energy. Moderate Energy.

Personals in South Dakota

High Energy. Marathoner Energy. Extra Large.

Personals in South Dakota

Loves Everyone. Prefers Men. Prefers Women. Likes Cats. Prefers People. Bonded with Another. Only Female Cats. Only Male Cats.

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Likes Dogs. Only Small Dogs.

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Only Large Dogs. Only Male Dogs.

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Only Female Dogs. All Kids.

Front Declawed. Back Declawed.

Personals in South Dakota

All Four Declawed. Not Housetrained.

Personals in South Dakota

Partially Housetrained. Crate Trained. Kennel Trained. I'm a sweet boy who came to the shelter because my last home just wasn't right for me. I am a rabbit that will need weekly brushing to keep me looking fabulous!

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I've got a personality that's as wild as my hair, I love to explore and do zoomies around the room! I don't really like to be held and carried around, but I sure love to run around your feet and chase you!

Personals in South Dakota

In my home, I was around dogs and I was not a fan of them, so I would prefer to go to a home without dogs. If there are dogs in the home, they would need to be kept away from me so I could be fully comfortable in my living space.

Personals in South Dakota

I do love spinach and parsley, and I can be picky on what snacks I like at times. I do very well for my nail trims, and I don't mind having my fur brushed as well. Will you let me be your best bunny forever? I am a lovely girl who came to the shelter as a stray, so not much is known about my past.

It is unknown exactly what age or breed I am, but I am a larger-sized rabbit. In the time I've been here, staff has found out that I am a sweet girl who approaches new situations cautiously, but I warm up very fast. I'm not an extremely active girl, though I will take a few laps around a room before I settle in.

Most times you can find me lounging around or flopped down for a quick nap, and don't worry, I won't mind if you decide to lay down by me. Like most rabbits, I am not a huge fan of being picked up, but when I am feeling extra social, I will follow you around, and may even hop onto the couch if you let me. Please do some research on rabbit care before taking me home, as I will need more space due to my size. If you're looking for a new buddy to watch TV with, I'll be that perfect girl.

Personals in South Dakota

Will you be the forever home I've been waiting for? I came to the shelter because my owner could no longer care for me.

I am a funny guy who enjoys doing binkies, rabbit laps, and sticking my nose into everything! Though my fur is mostly black, you may notice I have cute little white socks, and a mark on my left shoulder that kind of looks like a heart!

Personals in South Dakota

Though I am a little shy at first with new people, I warm up very fast! I love to follow you around and see what you're up to, though I do have to be watched outside of my cage because I get excited by everything and I want to see everything! I'm okay with being picked up and having my nails trimmed, though I'd much rather be hopping around or doing zoomies on the floor.

Personals in South Dakota

You can often see me standing on my back feet to observe the world around me, and if you're laying down, I may even run over to lay by you! I should do well with respectful kids of all ages as long as they know not to squeeze me or carry me for extended periods of time. Please do research on rabbit care before adopting me. Will you let me hop into your home and heart? My sister and I came to the shelter because our owner no longer wanted us.

Personals in South Dakota

Though it is unknown exactly how old we are, our energy level is off the charts! ZIP: 57110 57104 57105 57106 57107 57103 57108 57197 57117 57101 57109 57186 57193

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