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Craigslist is an online marketplace built around alternative exchange.

It is a modern day bazaar, where seemingly anything can be had for the right price or the most creative barter. For a Richmond-area housing rights group, however, some craigslist take too liberal of a stance on the free market. Housing Opportunities Made Equal has made 20 formal complaints with the state and federal government, alleging certain housing on the site discriminate on the basis of race and gender, and require female roommates to trade sex for rent.

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It would be a monogamous arrangement where you would have your own room at no charge. I am nice looking, 49, white, slender and healthy.

Personals in Virginia

When sex is demanded as part of a housing transaction, someone who needs the housing may be desperate and feel that they have no choice but to agree. The effect on the victim can be devastating and last for years.

Personals in Virginia

Being mentally scarred for life by a pleather-clad cougar weilding a riding crop would have been a small price to pay for four years of rent-free lodging. Now on a more serious note, I believe that those things should be controlled. Sometimes people are just too gullible or too stupid to think more about the open proposition that … ».

Craigslist Fredericksburg VA sex

The fact that CL allows this is why CL is ultimately a failure of format. Listings are arbitrarily removed just because someone else decides to target them yet pure hate is left untouched. Scams and rip offs are rampant.

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Personals in Virginia

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